UBICA publications

UBICA publications:


11111085583533"ABC and practice of business incubation"


G. Aksenov, L. Larin, N. Paal

Kyiv, 2004

Language: Russian




Book contains basics of business incubators operation in supporting of start-up and entrepreneurs. The case study based on Bila Tserkva Innovative Business Incubator operational modes as most effective BI in Ukraine is proposed. Material includes statistics and data showing possibilities of business incubators in the local and regional economical development.



22221085733486Use of information and communication technologies in business

N. Kozhevina, M. Paal, A. Tarelin, V. Yaremy

Kyiv 2004


Languages: Ukrainian, Russian


Manual is devoted to usage of ICT capacities for rising enterprise's and entrepreneur's productiveness within the effective utilization of existing resources such as: office equipment, local network, Internet and special software. Manual includes CD with free distributed software which can help to simplify and optimize entrepreneur's work.




33331085734417"Business incubators"

June Lavelle, Krzysztof Zasiadly, Krzysztof Krukovsky, Krzysztof Matusiak, Marzena Marzevska

(Russian language edition prepared by Krzysztof Zasiadly, Mykola Paal and Igor Leleka), 2002.

 Kyiv 2002



Languages: Russian




Monography of Polish authors describing business incubators (BI) objectives and activities in local economical development as well as forms and approaches used in day-to-day operation and samples of BI business plans.





44441085736591"Use of information and communication technologies in increasing of entrepreneurship efficiency"



Kyiv, 2004

Language: Russian


The manual for business support structures to be used during training activities and consulting for business incubators clients.




5811091031620"Organization of Work of Information and Analytical Network of UBICA with use of Internet-portal NoveKolo.info"



Kyiv, 2004

Language: Ukrainian


The administrative guide of Content Management System (CMS) of the portal novekolo.info. Guide contains practical recommendation for administrators of regional information and analytical centers on the usage of administrative part of portal, certain blocks/modules functionality, as well as detailed description of system of publication.



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